Tanya Alexa​nder​, LMT​​
Massage Therapist ● Low Back Pain Specalist
About Tanya


Hi there, I'm happy you have found your way here. I would like to take a moment and tell you a little bit about myself. First and foremost, I am a Daughter of the King and I am crazy in LOVE with Jesus. When I look back on my past and think of my future, I am clearly aware that my life is Gods work and His hand has been ever present in my life.

​I am a Texas girl, born and raised in the Houston area. I am a wife and a mother,  we are a blended family and we have five adult children. My husband and I were married in August 2003, he is my best friend... My sexy, strong, compassionate, loyal, dependable man is my gift from God. Our marriage is wonderful, we support each other, we laugh, we listen, we give, we Love!! We are not perfect… we are just two imperfect people turning to a perfect Christ, to receive his perfect mercy and grace.
We both were blessed to have children from previous marriages, in total we have 5 who are very close in age. I have twin girls, born in 1992, and a son, born in 1995. My husband has two daughters, one born in 1990 and the other born in 1992.

My children are God’s greatest gift and becoming a mother was by far the best thing I have ever done. There are no words to express the joy and love they have given me and I am so proud of the young adults they have all become.

I have a passion for play and creativity. I love being outside in nature, creating new dishes in the kitchen and making time for physical activity / exercise. I enjoy having a positive out look on life and encouraging others to do the same. I believe it’s important to take care of yourself; Body, Mind and Spirit, and that we are responsible for our own happiness.

I received my education as a Licensed Massage Therapist at Laurel School of Massage in Houston Texas. I am an avid researcher, with a deep passion and respect for the human body. I have been exploring ways to help others reclaim their personal power  through Holistic approaches to Health such as Massage, Nutrition and Fitness.

If you live in the North Houston Area ~ Spring, Conroe, The Woodlands, please contact me for question or to schedule a massage.