Fasciablasting Massage Therapy

What is fascia, how do you blast it, what to expect from a therapy session and common results...

Fascia Webbing in the back and shoulder.

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What is fascia?

Fascia is a continuous densely woven, covering that exists from head to toe without interruption throughout our bodies. Think of it like a spider web binding every tissue, muscle, vein, artery, nerve and organ together including the brain, lungs, spinal cord and heart.

In the normal healthy state, fascia sits wavy in a relaxed configuration. It has the ability to stretch and move without restriction. You begin to have issues such as tension, headaches, dimples (cellulite) on the surface of the skin, restriction of movement and an inability to withstand stress when fascia becomes unhealthy. It becomes tight and restricted and the relaxed wavy natural state needs to be blasted back into a state in which it can heal.

What is involved in the process of fascia blasting?

In order to heal the fascia the old tissue must be broken down so tissue can grow and renew the areas. It takes a good amount of deep pressure to break down the fascia, especially in problem areas such as the buttocks and thighs. There are multiple tools on the market for fasica blasting, and while a good tool is essential, it is also just as important that the therapist using it knows what they are doing and possesses the strenght to get into the deep set tissues.

What should I expect during and after my session?

Fascia blasting is a form of deep tissue massage. As with any deep tissue massage there is a small degree of pain during the massage process. Since fascia blasting garters the best results when done in a series of treatments you should expect some lasting soreness during the beginning, some clients also experience brusing, this is normal as you are breaking down tissue in order for it to heal.

Diminish Cellulite

Fascia, when tight and in an unhealthy state, can cause dimpling of the skin. This dimpling is the result of fascia bunching up during the tighting and then fat pushing through the links of fascia. By breaking down the fascia, it becomes smooth again and the look of cellulite lessens and over time may go away completly.

  • Breaks up abnormal unions of fascial tissues
  • Allows the body to take a more natural shape
  • Stops fat from pushing through the “dimpled sheath”
  • Appearance of cellulite diminished or lessened
  • Skin looks more vibrant
  • Muscle definition is more apparent
Diminish Aches & Pains

Because the fascia can close joints, create tension, impede nerves and restrict blood, it causes a host of problems like chronic and mystery pains. FasciaBlasting breaks through the connective tissue and restores joint function, releases tension, allows nerve control and blood flow. Just don't forget that you will likely experience pain in order to get rid of it.

  • Instantly reduce pain and tension
  • Increase flexibility
  • Allow joints to function at full potential
  • Break up scar tissue
  • Minimize inflammation
  • Break up fascia blocking proper joint alignment
Breakdown Fat

As you are breaking down the unhealthy fascia, fat is also being broken down. In addition, you can target trouble areas with excess fat. Fascia blasting essentially burst the fat pockets, kind of like touching a soap bubble. The fat breaks down and spreads out which allows for easier dispersement.

  • Spot contour areas of your body
  • Burst troublesome fat pockets
  • Improve weight loss results
  • Disperse broken down fat cells within 48 hours
  • Faster and more effective than fat freezing or cooling procedures
Improve Blood Flow

Think about the way a large snake wraps around its prey and squeezes. This is essentially the effect that fascia has on our blood flow system when it tightens. By loosening the fascia, we open up our veins allowing better blood circulation. Increased blood flow also increases the rate of dispersement of broken down fat.

  • Open viens and loosen constriction of fascia
  • Restore natural blood flow
  • Deliever oxygen and nutrients to cells more effectively
  • Reduce frequency and effects of inflammation
  • Improve cardiac health and blood pressure
  • Increase brain functionality
Improve Muscle Function

As in blocking blood flow, the tightening effect also decreases our range of motion, flexibility and constrict our control system. You can expect a increase in muscle firing, because the nerves that control muscles are stimulated and released by the fascia and by opening it up we increase function and performance and lessen persistent pains. Another side effect is that our posture may improve as well.

  • Improve sports performance
  • Increase flexibility
  • Open and loosen fascia allowing full nerve signal
  • Improve muscles response to activity
  • Muscles fire harder and more efficiently
  • Fascia can lay in the cuts and grooves of muscle definition
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